A. Membership Promotion

Activities which have promoted club membership include: the Mix & Mingle, and the Info Session. The Mix & Mingle event was held at the beginning of the academic year, to welcome new and returning biomedical engineering graduate students, and to introduce the club’s activities and identify volunteer opportunities. The Info Session was held shortly after the Mix & Mingle, to recruit club volunteers and allocate volunteer opportunities. These two events are new initiatives, which aimed to improve awareness of the CU@EMBS among biomedical engineering students. From these two events, the club gained a larger pool of student volunteers.

Club membership has also been promoted by providing a sign-up sheet for new members at a biomedical engineering seminar for graduate students, at an IEEE Ottawa EMBS seminar, and at each CU@EMBS event.

This year, the club membership has included members from more diverse disciplines (including industrial design and computer science) and with more varied affiliations (including industry and visiting faculty).

Club membership is expected to further grow this year, by promoting club activities to graduate students in the Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Biomedical Engineering (OCIBME) graduate program that is jointly offered by Carleton University and the University of Ottawa. Also, volunteer opportunities will be created for new graduate students who have expressed interest in contributing to club activities.

B. Education

Activities which have promoted biomedical engineering education include: the CU@EMBS Presents series, the LaTeX Workshop, the Student Mini-Conference, and the Enriched Mini-Course Program (EMCP) .

CU@EMBS Presents is a new initiative introduced in Fall 2010, and extends the CU@EMBS Pints With Profs events introduced by past club executives. CU@EMBS Presents is a monthly event featuring a presentation by an industry guest speaker about a topic related to biomedical engineering, followed by an informal social. Guest speakers have included:

  • To be updated…

The Student Mini-Conference is an annual event, which provides students with an opportunity to present a paper about their biomedical engineering-related research. Students gain experience writing and preparing a research paper, as well as preparing and delivering a research presentation to a technical, non-expert audience. Students also gain valuable feedback about their technical writing and communication skills from their peers and faculty members. As part of the Student Mini-Conference, student papers and presentations are judged competitively, and a prize is awarded for the best research paper and presentation.

  • The 4th annual Student Mini-Conference was held in June 2012. Judges included faculty members and upper-year PhD students. Graduate students ranging from first-year to final-year were in attendance. The event was supported by the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering at Carleton University.

The Enriched Mini-Course Program (EMCP) is a week-long program for high school students, held at Carleton University. During the first week of May 2013, high school students attend Carleton University for a week-long mini-course in a topic of their choosing. This year, the CU@EMBS will participate in EMCP for the first time. Members of CU@EMBS will prepare and teach a mini-course focused on emerging biomedical engineering technologies, which will aim to increase awareness about biomedical engineering. The mini-course will include biomedical engineering career information, demonstrations of medical equipment, hands-on activities, and a visit to a local biomedical research centre. Preparations for the mini-course (to be held during the first week of May 2011) are currently in progress. Demonstrations and activities currently in development include: an assistive image-processing system for blind swimmers, and a physiological signal-controlled computer game. Additional volunteers are being sought to further develop demonstrations and activities.

C. Professional Development

Activities which have contributed to professional development of club members include: the Biomedical Engineering Networking and Career Information Event.

The Biomedical Engineering Networking and Career Information Event is an annual event, which provides students with networking opportunities with local industry professionals and researchers. Guest speakers from local biomedical-related industry and research organizations are invited by the club to deliver a presentation, followed by a question & answer session. Representatives from local biomedical-related companies are invited to host an information booth during multiple networking sessions.

  • Last year’s Networking and Career Information Event was held in March 2012, and was well-attended by biomedical engineering graduate students and undergraduate students.
  • Preparations for this year’s Networking and Career Information Event (to be held on March 29, 2013) are currently in progress.

D. Community Service

No applicable activities.

E. Social Activities

Activities which have promoted interaction among students include: the Mix & Mingle, and the Winter Social. Activities which have promoted interaction among professionals and students include: the CU@EMBS Presents series, and the Biomedical Engineering Networking and Career Information Event.

The Mix & Mingle event (previously described in section A) takes place during an informal pizza lunch provided by the club. This event provides an informal setting for students to ask questions about academics and research to upper-year graduate students.

The Winter Social is an annual event, which involves skating on the Rideau Canal Skateway during Ottawa’s annual Winterlude festivities. This social event encourages students to interact outside of the academic setting, while also exposing students to local seasonal activities. The web posting for this year’s Winter Social is:

The CU@EMBS Presents events (previously described in section B) include a social component, where students have an opportunity to ask questions to the guest speaker in an informal setting, about research, careers, or other topics related to biomedical engineering.

The Biomedical Engineering Networking and Career Information Event (previously described in section E) includes multiple networking sessions, where students have an opportunity to interact with guest speakers and representatives from local biomedical-related industry and research organizations.

F. Communication

Ways in which the club has maintained and promoted communication among club members include: the CU@EMBS Email Newsletter, and the new CU@EMBS website. The club has maintained communications with other groups, including: the IEEE Ottawa EMBS chapter, the Carleton University IEEE Student Branch, and the Carleton University Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Society (CUBES).

The new format of the CU@EMBS Email Newsletter facilitates its regular distribution to subscribers, as well as engineering graduate students at Carleton University. The Email Newsletter informs subscribers about CU@EMBS events, local IEEE events, biomedical engineering conferences, and volunteering opportunities.

The design of the  CU@EMBS website was deployed in 2010 and represents a significant improvement for the club’s online presence. The design of the CU@EMBS website is based on the IEEE web sub-site templates, which were released in Fall 2010 by IEEE Corporate Strategy & Communications. The CU@EMBS website is unique, however, since it was customized to integrate the template with the WordPress blog tool and publishing platform. This provides several benefits for future club executives (to be described in section G). The club website provides information about CU@EMBS events, biomedical engineering conferences, links to relevant student resources, and instructions for subscribing to the CU@EMBS Email Newsletter. Additional content will be added to the website as necessary.

The CU@EMBS has also actively promoted events hosted by the IEEE Ottawa EMBS chapter and the Carleton University IEEE Student Branch, via the CU@EMBS Email Newsletter. Further collaboration with the IEEE Ottawa EMBS chapter is anticipated, through the organization of future joint events.

For the Biomedical Engineering Networking and Career Information Event, the CU@EMBS is planning to collaborate with the Carleton University Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Society (CUBES), to coordinate volunteers and promotion of the event. One of the executive members of CUBES is an undergraduate liaison for CU@EMBS, and has attended organizational meetings for CU@EMBS activities.

G. Future Planning

Future events currently planned are:

  • How-to-Network Event
  • Winter Social
  • Several Pints with Profs
  • Movie Night
  • Networking Event

H. Other

No applicable activities.