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IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society

IEEE Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society

Graduate Student Club

Executive Volunteers 2016-2017


Co-Chair: Mohamed Abdelazez
Co-Chair: Kevin Dick
Finance: Nikhilesh Pradhan
Social: Jinny Lee, Yasmina Souley Dosso
Communications: Jinny Lee
External: Brad Barnes
Web Master: Nate Fung


President: Sarah Bruch
Vice-President: Madison Cohen-McFarlane
VP Finance: Becky Ng
VP External: Jinu Kurian

Executive Volunteers 2012-2013

Co-Chairs: Patrick Quesnel, Cheryl D’Souza
Vice-Chair: Daphne Ong
Treasurer/Web Maintenance: Queeny Shaath
Secretary: Patricia Giacoman Zarzar
Graphics Designer: Dave Luong
Past Chair: Luke Russell
Faculty Advisor: Adrian Chan

Executive Volunteers 2011-2012

Chair: Luke Russell
Vice-Chair: Nanis Farghal
Treasurer: Graham Fraser
Secretary: Rob Peace
Web Developer/Graphics Designer: Dave Luong
Past Chair: Sankua Chao
Faculty Advisor: Adrian Chan

Executive Volunteers 2010-2011

Chair: Sankua Chao
Vice-Chair: Adam Freed
Treasurer: Luke Russell
Web Developer: Catalin Patulea
Graphics Designer/Event Promoter: Dave Luong
Faculty Advisor: Adrian Chan

Acknowledgements 2010-2011

Undergrad (CUBES) Liaison: Daphne Ong
Undergrad (IEEE) Liaison: Laura Mutu

Website Design

The design of this website is based on the IEEE Web Sub-Site Templates, with customizations for CU@EMBS. We would like to acknowledge IEEE Corporate Strategy & Communications for providing the initial templates.