CMBES conference and continuing education sessions

May 21, 2013 8:30 AMtoMay 24, 2013 1:00 PM

Join us at the CMBES 2013 conference.

When: May 21-24 2013

Location: Hampton Inn, Ottawa

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Session 1:  Note Special Price of $30 for this session only and the first 25
STUDENTS are free!

Title: A Holistic Framework for Medical Device Safety and Optimal


Michael Cheng, PhD, PEng, CCE, CQA

Tony Easty, PhD, PEng, CCE Associate Professor, Institute of Biomaterials &
Biomedical Engineering

Plus representatives from Health Canada (HC), Canadian Standards Association
(CSA) and the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technology in Health (CADTH)


This session will present a comprehensive three-stage holistic framework for
medical devices in order to achieve safety and optimal performance within
healthcare institutions.
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Session 2:

Title: Mechanical Circulatory Support


Mark Cleland, C. Tech, Senior Technologist, Medical Devices, Biomedical
Engineering, University of Ottawa Heart Institute


The growing Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) program at the University of
Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI) is a comprehensive example of the vast and
important role that Clinical Engineering contributes to the healthcare
environment. Mark Cleland, Senior Technologist at Ottawa Heart Institute
(UOHI) will present a multidisciplinary collaboration between clinical
staff, clinical engineering department and patients to successfully support
a device program in order to increase successful patient outcome.
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Session 3:

Title: Equipment Testing Automation


Tony Giulone, President, Promed Technologies


Automating test sequences for medical equipment can contribute to reduce the
required time to perform these tasks and improve quality and uniformity so
that every inspection is done the same way every time. At the same time, it
reduce the burden of documenting the results since it is automatically
available in electronic format. This workshop offers an understanding of
common medical equipment testers, their expected performance, and
documenting calibration results. There will also be hands-on exercises on
automation software so that participants are able to customise reports
according to service manual inspection procedure.
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Session 4:

Title: Endoscopy Suite: Designing Workspace and Process in an Endoscopy
Suite, Review of Technology, Servicing, and Information Systems that Enhance


Frédérick Latendresse, Vice-President Regional, Olympus Canada


Planning or renovating an endoscopy suite can be challenging for clinical
engineers and the clinical team involved in the process. This session will
present best practices for workspace design, workflow, equipment planning,
benchmarking, maintenance and decontamination of endoscopes. New
technologies and Information systems will also be reviewed as part of this
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Session 5:

Title: Electrosurgery Technologies: The Basics of RF Energy-Based Systems


Sylvain Lepage, Directeur régional Est, Conmed Canada


RF based devices have existed since the early 1900’s and are now a major
component of a hospital’s available surgical & therapeutic approach to
delivering care. This session will review RF electrosurgical systems both
from a technical and a clinical perspective: How does a generator harness
and alter electrical current to create the Monopolar (Cut, Coag and Blend)
and Bipolar modalities and how do these differ clinically in tissue?
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Session 8:

Title: Monitor Alarm Management: Decreasing Nuisance Alarms and Preventing
Alarm Fatigue


Lois Macpherson, Clinical Educator, Spacelabs Healthcare (Canada) Inc.

Paul Roy, National Service Manager, Spacelabs Healthcare (Canada) Inc.


Critical Care Physiological Monitors detect and notify clinicians of many
types of alarms; from technical problems, changes in vital signs, to life
threatening arrhythmias. Clinicians may become desensitized when they are
overwhelmed with the number of alarms. This can lead to alarms being ignored
or disabled. This presentation will discuss causes and prevention of false
positive physiological monitor alarms and management of alarm settings for
patient safety.

Session 9:

Title: Hemodialysis and Water Purification


Ralph Berger, Water Sales Specialist, Gambro Renal Products

Philippe Desroches, IT specialist, Gambro Renal Products


This session will review basic aspects of hemodialysis equipment, the water
purification process and use of electronic records to enhance hemodialysis
treatment while reducing at the same time the nurse’s administrative tasks.

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